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This is the message I sent to the WiA list sharing the news about the award:

* Dear Webheads,

I want to share with you this news. I have received Universidad Simón Bolívar´s Biannual Award for Best Innovation in Information or Communication Technology Mediated Teaching. First edition.

This award would not have been possible without Webheads. My blended and online courses are all the result of all the learning I have acquired with and from webheads, and their continuous support in many of the activities I have designed for my students.

Thanks to all :-)


* And Berta sent this message to the Becoming a Webhead 2006 Yahoo Group:

external image bertaleiva.gifCongratulations to Daf on receiving Universidad Simón Bolívar´s
Biannual Award for Best Innovation in Information or Communication
Technology Mediated Teaching. First edition.

Another really deserved acknowledgement, Daf !!!

Messages posted in chronological order ;-)

My heartfelt thanks to all of you!!

external image tn_teresa_feb04.jpgCongrats, Daf! >applauds very enthusiastically!!!<

A well-deserved award! I'm very proud of you!!!


Teresa (Portugal)


Congratulations on a much deserved award. And may it not be the only one!

Mercedes (Mexico)

external image susnyrop.gif* Dearest Daf,

congratulations with this award - I cannot think of anyone who would have been a more reasonable choice! It is such an honour to know you for the past four years, and to have been following you on your first steps towards Becoming a Webhead!


Sus (Denmark)

external image sedat.JPG* I really appreciate you Dafne. As everyone says, you are the person to deserve this award. You are one of the most successful models for me. I am very lucky since I know people as Webheads.


Sedat (Turkey)

external image bee.gif*Way to go, Daf! Congratulations on a more than well-deserved award. Your work is exceptional. May be this one of many :-)
Warm hugs from Brazil,


external image tomrobb_thm.jpg*Hi Daf, I'd just like to add my congrats to all of the rest. Well done and very much deserved!

Tom (Thomas Robb, Kyoto Sangyo University, Japan )

external image janepetring.jpg* YAHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO DAF!!!! Way to go! And what would webheads be without you?

Jane (Canada)

  • Great Daf,

Wow! It's a big prize! Congratulate on your honor! As a member of the webheads, I am proud of you! Go on sharing your amazing instruction with me!
Happy New Year!

Best wishes,
Delin CHIAO (Taiwan)

external image vance02march.jpg* Congratulations Daf,

Webheads would not be possible without you and others like you who share expertise with each other so that all may thrive in an informal system of continual development.

Your award benefits us all, as does your participation in our group

Vance (United Arab Emirates)
Coordinator of the Webheads in Action CoP

tn_cris-card.jpg external image tn_Cris_tapped.JPGCristina Acosta (Portugal)

external image 040523grankavega.gifDear Daf,
Congratulations! Exemplary work indeed! I really enjoyed reading the student comments, and it is clear how much your teaching is about the students and not just the technology. You are my role model and inspiration!
Sending you warm hugs and masses of admiration
Renata (Japan)

external image leannem.jpgDearest Dafne,
May I add my most heartfelt congratulations to those you have already received. Your dedication and tireless efforts are an inspiration to us all. I can think of few who are as deserving of such recognition as you - for exploring uncharted territory and serving as a guidepost for those of us still stumbling through cyberspace. You are never afraid to try new techie
toys, and turn the fun into a learning experience in new and exciting ways. Your students are blessed with your expertise, and your fellow WebHeads are honoured to be in your company.

With deepest respect and admiration,

Leanne (Canada)

external image rita_thm.jpgDaf dearest,

My congrats as well on your merited award..., all Webheads celebrate it with joy !!!
We all appreciate your dedication, your work, your friendliness...
Feel proud of yourself!

A huge hug from Argentina,


external image mc_thmb2.jpgBravo Daf!! Well deserved - you're a real trail blazer and it's a pleasure to count you as a colleague and friend.

- Michael Coghlan(Australia)

external image evelynizquierdo.jpgDear Daf:
Enhorabuena! Congratulations!!! You really deserve that award. You have always been very creative, enthusiatic, energetic, with wonderful ideas, supportive, and much much more. Hooray!!! I send you a big hug
Evelyn (Venezuela)

external image hula.jpgFrom my deep heart,I send you my sincere congratulations, To Daf, with true love and admirations..You Do deserve it.Is there gonna be a day in which we can be touched by a magic stick to be turned experts like Daf? and Tere?Hala, from Sudan

external image tn_cora.JPGDear Daf,

Congratulations--you certainly deserved the Award !!!
Lots of hugs,

Cora (USA)

Huge congrats Daf. You certainly deserve this award and are an inspiration to all of us. Like Hala, I would also like a magic wand. I'm sure I could find many uses for it. How can one come to possess an item of this nature?

Susan Bates (Canada)

external image tn_mariateresa.JPGDear Daf
Way to go. If anyone deserves such an award it's you. I feel proud of having had the chance to work with you and Tere. You have not only acquired the knwoledge but have been able to share it far and wide, which is by far the trickiest thing.. If your f2f teaching is just half as good as your online interaction it must be superlative. So enjoy your award and feel that
friends from all over the world will enjoy it with you.
A special hug
Maria Teresa (Italy)

Congratulations, awesome Dafne! You really deserve it!
Anna Koorey (Australia)

tn_gladys-card.jpg From Gladys (Argentina)external image gladysbaya.jpg

external image jarekkrajka.jpgDaf,
congratulations on the award. we are all sure, I guess, you deserve much more for your hard and innovative work.


Jarek Krajka, Ph.D.
Editor, Teaching English with Technology (Poland)

Janos external image janos_thm.jpg (Hungary)

external image sharonholdner.jpgDear Daf,

Keep blushing! It's becoming to you:-) The recognition of your award is well deserved. Your unfailingly generous spirit and commitment to helping others also deserve an award! Your gifts to Webheads have been bountiful :-)

Looking fwd to spending the next 6 weeks with you in cyber space via BaW 2006.

A double hug :-)

Sharon (USA)

external image elizabeth-h-s.jpgDaf--
Just wanted to add to the congratulations! Can't think of anyone more deserving, and we know you have been going through some tough times.
I am so happy that you are continuing the Webheads tradition of giving back to others as you share the knowledge learned through participation in our marvelous community--Daf is going to be the Coordinator of the Electronic Village Online in the coming two years.

Dr Elizabeth Hanson-Smith (USA)

external image barbarachap.jpgDaf, you are really our star! Now that you're famous, I hope you get a little rich. Barb (Germany)

external image yaodong_thmb.jpgDaf,I am proud of being your webhead friend.You deserve every honor and your example will inspire many of us in exploring the unlimited source online.
Yaodong (China)

external image christinaljunggren.jpgI am extremely proud of knowing you Daf...... congrats to the award!!!!!!

/Chrissan (Sweden)

external image christinelombaerts.jpgCongratulations, Daf, on this beautiful award!
Thanks for your inspiring work
Christine Lombaerts (Belgium)

external image 83ebca09781cf28df150f44f63a096280_mid.jpgCongratulations on your award! Recognition of your ground-breaking work is very well deserved
Dennis Oliver (USA)

external image mariajordano.jpgCongratulations Daf, from the capital of Spain!


external image luisarosa.jpgCongratulations, Daf! You deserve it!
Luísa (from Portugal)

leebaber.jpgHey Dafne, Congratulations on your Innovation in CMC Award. Innovation is sparked by passion, interaction, and the manifestation of ideas. You are an important part of those ingredients for me as I develop my own innovative ideas as I am sure you are for many fellow webheads. Sparking enthusiasm and showing the way help me more than anything as I integrate all this great technology in my teaching and my classes.
Thanks for being a leader willing to share knowledge at the drop of a hat. All that said, my hat's off to you!
Lee Ann Baber (USA)

Dear Daf,
I truly admire you. I have been very behind with reading my email and just now read about your wonderful award. I agree the Webheads are extremely supportive and will always reach out and help, but you are also one of the most dynamic teachers I know!!! You have so much creativity and your enthusiasm is awesome! And you are always one of those who reach out and help others, too. I still appreciate how you were there when I did my very first web conference with Yaodong in China. You are one of the key players in what makes the Webheads so great. Thank you for all you do and I'm so glad you are getting some well-deserved recognition!!!
Many hugs and cheers to you,

external image 4b5270adf60683d4a1a2bceccd056c751_mid.jpgI think Vance wrote the truest, most readable, coherent, message about Daf's
success, so there is no way I can do better. I like to think he took the
words out of my mouth. On the other hand, I just have to say
congratulations too, simple, heartfelt, congratulations
Mike M. (France)
Real English Online (REO)

Dear Daf,
Congratulations on a well deserved award. I am sure you will continue innovating and sharing your knowledge and experience with webheads and other educational communities.
I visited the site of your lessons (some time ago) and I was very impressed with the quality of your work.
Un abrazo cordial

Emma (Italy)